Go School and Go Playing Parlor,

Moriyama-ku, Nagoya Aichi


Shiro to Kuro Go School and Go-Playing Parlor embodies the spirit of Go.

We want you to “cherish the chance encounter”and the sound of the stone which resounds in a small space of about 6 square meters from which a Zen Garden is visible.

Calm your mind in the space and enjoy the game of Go.

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Go Membership

※From February 2022, some charges have been changed.

      • 13:00 to 18:00 … 1,500 yen
      • 17:00 to 22:00 … 1,500 yen
      • All-day use ….. 2,000 yen

Price list

※ All prices are tax-inclusive price.

Admission feeFee
Go membership3,000 yen
13:0018:001,500 yen
17:0022:001,500 yen
All day2,000 yen
Children’s Go School(once a week)10,000 yen
※Included text(JP) fee
5,500 yen/month
Visitor(non-members)2,000 yen/day

Instructor Profile

Shota Koyama

Born 1990

Go Experience – 20 years

I started to play Go, after seeing a Go themed anime . Out of curiosity I wanted to understand more deeply the game of Go featured in the anime which was simplified to resemble the Othello board. That was the beginning.

One  interacts with a large number of people through the game of Go. Many friendships develop. Go is more than just the charm of the game, it is a very useful and natural communication tool between people of all ages and background.

For all the students who will meet in the future, I hope you not only get to also know the charm of Go, I hope you can widen the field of communication.

Contact Us




Obataminami 3-21-18 sai 1B Moriyama-ku

Nagoya Aichi Prefecture Japan

Call. 052-977-5786 

Mail. shirotokuro758@gmail.com


Wed.-Sun. 13:00-22:00Tuesday and Saturday AM are only for Children’s Go School

Mon. and holidays are closed.

Check our schedule(JP)ご利用案内   *Gray sections are OPEN.

“Shiro to kuro” provides a Go School, Igo Club,Go Club,Go-playing parlor and rental space
overlooking a peaceful Zen Garden, please spend a nice time with us